SUPPORT: How do I open up?

11th July, 2017    |    By  Project Rockit    |     2.7k

“How are you?” Good… In Episode 8 of PRTV we challenge this stock-standard interaction that so many of us have on an everyday basis. The reality is, sometimes it’s hard to open up when things aren’t ‘good,’ but sometimes we’ve got to let people support us in order for things to get better.

1. What are the top three things that somebody can give YOU when you’re in need of support?
2. What can we do to make sure others feel comfortable opening up to us?
3. Why do so many people find it easier to ask for help online compared to offline? And why is it still helpful to get face-to-face support too?

If you or a friend is looking for support, we recommend checking out the following sites: – decent info on topics that are sometimes awkward to talk about – talk to someone online, over the phone or set up an appointment face-to-face

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