Tune In Not Out is a project of The Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation. By accessing the Tune In Not Out website you agree to the following terms of use. For those of you also wishing to submit content to the site there are additional terms in relation to to contributing. See the last section for details of this. For our privacy policy, please refer to our privacy policy page.

Terms of use and disclaimer

Last reviewed 1 May 2017

By using the site www.tuneinnotout.com and all web pages associated with that address (the site), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions govern all areas and uses of the site, including but not limited to submitting content and posting to the site, which is subject to additional terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must cease using the site.

Target Audience

All content on the site is designed for people in the age range of 14-25 years.

This site is recommended for those aged 14-25. For those under 15 years Parental Guidance is recommended.

Site Operators

Please note the Tune In Not Out and this website is an initiative of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Inc who are the owner. From this point on in the terms and conditions the website shall be referred to at Tune In Not Out, which includes The Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation.


The site is provided for general information only and is subject to change without notice. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, adequacy, suitability, currency, completeness, legality, usefulness, reliability or fit for purpose of reliable information for all site users.

This Website is not designed to be a substitute or a centre of referral for the provision of medical services or medical advice. All Website users are advised to consult their doctor should they require any advice or treatment for any medical condition. Tune In Not Out does not endorse or make any claim as to the efficacy, appropriateness or suitability of any medication, product or treatment published, described, mentioned or implied in any publication on this Website or in any publication mentioned, described, or implied on any Website linked to this Website.

The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment regardless of how it is interpreted. Tune In Not Out takes no responsibility for any loss, liability, illness, disability or impairment to you that is the result of the use of information from the site. In all circumstances where there is the possibility of risk, you should consult appropriate medical professionals. By continuing use of this website you also acknowledge that Tune In Not Out is not a professional counselling service. Comments of Tune In Not Out staff, volunteers or the information contained within the website is not intended to be suitable for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The site does not operate as a counseling service and does not provide professional medical or mental health advice . Site users should consult with trained cousellors for professional advice as appropriate. Refer to the emergency help section for help service options.

Visitor Contributions

The site allows public comment to be made. Consequently the views expressed on any area of the site may not represent the views of the Operator or Tune In Not Out.

All items submitted as part of the Share Your Story and Add Your Playlist sections on the site (including any audio, video, text or image based postings) and any opinions, advice, statements or other information contained in any messages posted or transmitted by any third party are the responsibility of the author of that material and not of Tune In Not Out. The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using the site does not mean that Tune In Not Out has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message. We encourage visitors to the site to report any objectionable content to the Operator at this address: crew@tuneinnotout.com. You should be aware that the site is not monitored at all times.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Responsibility and Liability

Tune In Not Out and the Operator disclaim all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of the information on the site being inaccurate or incomplete in any way, and for any reason.

Third Party Links

Links to third party websites are inserted for convenience. Users are responsible for ensuring information from the site or any linked web site is free of viruses or other contamination. Tune In Not Out and the Operator are not responsible for the monitoring or review of any third party websites. Tune In Not Out supports and encourages the dissemination and exchange of the information held on the site, however you must seek permission to use any material on the site for any other purpose. This includes any third party copyrighted material placed on the site.

The site contains material posted by users that are members of the public. Tune in Not Out and the Operator are not responsible for the posting of material in breach of intellectual property and copyright laws.

Linking to Tune In Not Out

Other sites may link to the Tune In Not Out. Any site that links to the site must link to www.tuneinnotout.com (Home page) and must not:

  • Replicate the site’s content
  • Imply any endorsement by Tune In Not Out of any other website.
  • Present misleading information about the Operator, Tune In Not Out, the site or the site’s services; or
  • Use the Tune In Not Out name or logo without prior consent.

Consent can be obtained by emailing crew@tuneinnotout.com

Intellectual Property

Tune In Not Out and the Operator reserves all intellectual property rights applicable to the material on the site, including without limitation copyright protection in respect of all text, graphics, logos, icons, video and audio clips, designs, interfaces and the compilation and layout of the site. You may only use the site and material located on the site for your personal use, and view the site using your web browser or print or an electronic copy of material for your own information. You must not use, download, print, copy, display, broadcast, reproduce, publish, transmit or distribute any material from the site in whole or in part for any other purpose without the Operator’s prior consent.

You must not submit any material to Tune In Not Out for inclusion in the site that infringes the copyright or any other intellectual property rights of a third party. To the extent permitted by law, Tune In Not Out excludes all liability (including negligence) for any loss, cost, expense or damage arising from material that you submit to the Tune In Not Out site.

If you submit material to Tune In Not Out for inclusion on the site you grant Tune In Not Out a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to use, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, display and broadcast that material on the site.

Revision of Website Terms and Conditions

Tune In Not Out may vary any of the website terms and conditions at any time. You will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to any revised terms and conditions if you use the site after the point in time where the site’s term and conditions have been revised.


If you feel any material on the site is inappropriate or misleading for any reason please notify the Tune In Not Out moderator by emailing crew@tuneinnotout.com

Submitting Content

The Tune In Not Out website allows visitors to submit their personal story and music playlists. These are places for you to have your voice heard on Tune In Not Out. These stories should have a positive focus, with the aim of assisting other site visitors.

These posts are not a form of counselling. If you feel that you need professional help you may wish to consider contacting Lifeline (13 11 14) or Kids Helpline (freecall 1800 55 1800) for telephone based assistance or go the relevant topics page of this site and view the factsheet information. You can also refer to the emergency help factsheet.

Tune In Not Out aims to provide a safe environment for young people to obtain information and explore their experiences. Your submission will be reviewed by the Tune In Not Out moderation team who will decide whether it is appropriate to be posted. In general, submission are moderated every two weeks and uploaded at least one a month. We do not respond to submissions.

If your story/comment is selected to feature on Tune In Not Out it will appear on the relevant topic page/s. Only the screen name you provide will be used, if no screen name provided it will be loaded an anonymous.

Reasons for not posting a submission include, but are not limited to, contributions that contain:

  • Could have a negative impact on other visitors;
  • Graphic details about possible harm to yourself or others;
  • Racist, sexist or discriminatory comments;
  • Comments inciting hate or violence;
  • Swearing, sexual language or inappropriate language;
  • Aggressive, abusive or defamatory comments;
  • Views that are overly imposing or disrespectful of the views of others;
  • Infringements of copyright, moral rights, confidentiality rights or intellectual property rights of any person, for example, by reproducing songs, poems, articles, logos, trade marks, pictures, photos, music or other material that is not owned by you (or which you do not have a license to reproduce on the site);
  • Information about others when that other person has not consented to the publication or which we cannot verify as being true or which is not in the public interest to publish;
  • Encourages, endorses, approves or recommends the performance of dangerous or illegal acts; or
  • Advertisement of personal contact details, products, services or events.

Please note: It is not the purpose of Tune In Not Out to be a forum for the exchanging of contact details, either through posts or via the moderator. Posts requesting the exchanging of contact details will not be posted.

The email address you supply will be used to confirm receipt of your submission. You will be notified by email if your submission is featured on the website.

By submitting your posting, you give Tune In Not Out the right to edit, modify, adapt and publish the content of the submission. Submissions may only be read and downloaded for private use. Otherwise, except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), no part of the clip may be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of Tune In Not Out. By submitting your posting you agree to the websites terms of use.