Gracie's story of Holding on to Hope after dealing with the early stages of bipolar

12th May, 2021   |    By LifeLine   |    1 min read

Listen to this podcast ..Gracie Gribble is 19, funny, very smart, bubbly and bursting with ideas and dreams. But her life hasn’t always been like that. From the age of eight, Gracie was dealing with the early stages of bipolar disorder.  Unfortunately, when you live in an outback mining town, finding help can be tough. On top of that, Gracie had three siblings suffering with health issues of their own. Perhaps it wasn’t surprising people presumed her tears were a natural reaction to her situation.

This podcast series will share personal moments of connection and deeply felt experiences. If anything you hear has a triggering effect, please reach out to someone who can help keep you safe. Or remember you can find lifeline at any time on 13 1114

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