Flipping #selfcare cliches into REAL ways to look after yourself

10th November, 2020    |    By  Project Rockit    |     1.1k

Lockdown has been tough for many teens – missing milestones, dealing with school and family stresses and separated from friends. Let’s be honest, it’s been a struggle.

At this online event, we’ll talk frankly about self-care strategies during Covid-19 and beyond. How have teens been looking after themselves, and each other, during this surreal and difficult time?

Hosted by Lucy Thomas from Project Rockit, we’ll hear from three teens – Jayda Franks, Chelsea Allen and Freddie Russon – on self-care in 2020. They’ll share practical tips, tricks and pitfalls; discuss how they’re caring for friends, family members and community; and talk about how they’re maintaining hope for the future.

Which new habits will we take into post-lockdown life and which terrible coping mechanisms should we kick to the curb?

This event is open to everyone, particularly teens in years 9–12, and educators.

Content warning: This event includes discussion of disordered eating and mental health.

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Video provided by Project Rockit