Body Image - Priscila Hernandez x Mental Health Foundation

12th October, 2020    |    By  Mental Health Week    |     1.1k

poken word poem written and performed by Priscila Hernandez for Mental Health Awareness Week UK.
PRISCILA HERNANDEZ Priscila is a 24-year-old spoken word artist from South East London. Her poetry entails a powerful expression of her personal experiences, as well as those of others. Her work covers issues such as mental health, body image, feminism, and London. She aims to create social impact and empower others through her words. Priscila wrote this piece for the Mental Health Foundation because she experienced disordered eating when she was younger. That set a pattern around her a relationship to body image. She has had a constant battle with her body for years and even now, as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, this battle is still present. She wrote this poem because she wanted to raise awareness around the connection between the body and mental health. Find out more about the Mental Health Foundation’s Body Image campaign and get involved:… Video directed and produced by Haze Creative Collective:

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Video provided by Mental Health Week