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28th April, 2017   |    By Simeon   |    3 min read

Sometimes, life is tough. This is an inescapable truth. Whether we ourselves suffer, or the suffering of those around us affect ourselves, things can and probably will become difficult at some point or other. These moments may be rare and fleeting, or long and burdening, like in my own experience. But there is always a way to push through a negative time, and I’ve found that the best way to start this lies with music.

I am a firm believer that on every music playing device there should be a playlist labelled “Comfort songs”. Different to a “Feel Good” playlist which utilises songs designed to feel peppy and energised, a comfort playlist should contain songs that specifically comfort you when you’re having a rough time. There are three types of songs I use in this playlist, and you can use them too.

Positive tunes

The first type of song I use are those that have a positive message. These songs have lyrics that tell you specifically that you are strong, you deserve to be happy, and that you will get through this alive. These songs are often universally applicable, and anyone can listen to them and feel a little bit better. For instance, in my own comfort playlist, I have “Shake It Out” by Florence the Machine, and “Alice” by Avril Lavigne, as songs that carry a positive message and encourage me to push on.


The second type of song are the ones that hold memories. These songs remind you of something \ people who make you happy, enjoyable moments of your life, or previous times when things were bad but you stayed strong, that you can use to help lift your spirits. For instance, when I first moved to a new school in Year 11, I added “Where the City Meets the Sea” by The Getaway Plan to my playlist, because it reminds me of my group of friends from Year 7-10 who I left behind when I moved, and listening to it made me feel less alone.

Worth noting is that these songs are not always happy songs in themselves. For instance, Adele’s “Someone Like You”, though a sad song lyrically, reminds me of jamming with several of my friends and so it has a spot on my playlist.

Wiggle it

The third and final type of song I use are songs that are good to dance to. The power of music is strong, but the power of dance is stronger, and if a song comes on that you can’t help but dance to, you’ll find yourself dancing your cares away before you know it. Know what kind of music makes you move, and use it to your advantage.

Once you have your comfort playlist, you can add and remove songs as they become relevant or outdated, and you’ll always have a music collection full of inspiration, memories, and a great beat wherever you go. Music is powerful – know how to use it to your advantage.

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