Music listening and our mental health

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Music can play a big part in our lives. We listen to music when we are happy, sad, to relax or calm down or to pump us up ready to go. Listening to music is a popular way to cope with difficult times. Music can sometimes:

  • express how we are feeling
  • relate to our own experiences and emotions
  • vent difficult thoughts and emotions
  • comfort us

Many young people report that music listening helps them feel better, work through problems, and free their minds.

But sometimes listening to music isn’t helpful.

Why does music sometimes make us feel worse?

It may be the choice of music, or it may just be us on the day that listening to music can make us feel worse. So how can we make sure that we use music in a positive way?

Here are some points to consider:

  1. What does music do for you?
  2. Does it make you feel better or worse?
  3. When is it helpful? When is it not?

Once we are aware of how music affects us, we can then start to be more conscious about what and when we listen to music.

Many young people say that having their music on shuffle is not always the best way when they having a tough time. So think about these points to help you find a more effective way of listening to music, especially during tough times.

Playlists for specific times

Some young people have suggested creating playlists for different times can be really helpful.

Check out the music section on each topic page within TINO for playlists created by other young people and their stories for some examples and inspiration.

Give making a playlist of songs a try and you might find that listening to your music and being aware of how different music affects you, might help you feel more in control of your feelings.

Listening to music doesn’t have to be the only way music can help. Have you tried singing, playing an instrument, writing your own music or song? Check out the factsheet about Making Music and Our Mental health below for more information.

Getting Help

If you require further support or help now – please visit our finding help page for links to services which can assist.

For citing purposes:
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Thanks to young people for their helpful feedback.

Download this Factsheet

You can download a copy of this Music Listening and Our Mental Health factsheet here.

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