The right attitude for uni

29th April, 2017   |    By Nikita   |    2 min read

Studying in general, improves stress for exam period.

This tip was handed down to me by my mentor, before I even got to uni. He told me to treat Uni as if it were a job. Go there every day, on a scheduled time and leave on scheduled time. You may want to make a timetable, but I never did. You get the breaks between classes, you get lunch, and there are even times when you allocate for social interactions between studying. The important thing is you use these five days a week, as if it were a job. Daily tasks, weekly deadlines, etc.

Never leaving early before finishing the days work.

This worked great for me, as I had big gaps in between lectures, great time to catch up on assignments and revision. As well as days where I only had one class which meant I could always had time for study. After a year, or two years on this attitude I was well aware of deadlines for my work, and I even found extra social time. Since I was up to date with all my work, I had time to revise, and come exam period I didn’t have to stress as much as most of the information I have already known. Once you learn something it takes much less time to relearn it. Honestly it took me till third year to realise this, I hope it will take you less time.

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