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Tiddas 4 Tiddas was started as an initiative designed to empower young black women to know their worth and what they’re capable of. Tidda means sister and in this podcast series, we’ll bring to life stories of some of the countries deadliest Indigenous sisters. Hosted by Tiddas founder Marlee Silva in partnership with Mamamia, this show is about raising awareness and inspiring Indigenous excellence in the hopes that one day, we’ll all stand together…

there are many podcast episodes – below is an example one or view them all here https://omny.fm/shows/tiddas-4-tiddas/

Hannah Bronte is Changing the Way people see indigenous art

When you think about Aboriginal art, what comes to mind? A dot painting or an ancient image engraved on a rock?

Art in all its forms is forever evolving, growing and changing, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art isn’t exempt from this.

In this episode, we meet Hannah Brontë.

Hannah is a Wakka Wakka Yaegel woman born and raised in Brisbane. She’s an artist and she describes herself as a “bridge between worlds”, exploring female empowerment through photography, performance, live installations and DJing.

Most importantly, Hannah seeks to make space for Indigenous women and girls. She wants their voices heard and their presence felt.


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