Music and our mental health during COVID-19

By  Tune Your Mood     |    Updated: 16th April, 2020    |    3 min read

It’s unusual times at present, and certainly unprecedented. So first up, if you’re feeling a bit unsettled, or have no words to describe it, it’s totally ok and normal. Some of us might find ourselves feeling quite flat, or easily annoyed. Others might sleep more, or even not so well. It is natural for us to feel uncomfortable and respond this way to uncertainty.

Music plays a big part in our everyday lives, and perhaps even more so at this time

However we also know that sometimes our music choices can make us feel worse, please be aware and take care of what our music can do here. Perhaps you might bear in mind…

“Does the song make you feel better or worse? And is it helpful not to feel so good?”

Sometimes we relate to our favourite songs because it helps us to express, understand and feel more of what we’re going through which might then help us to vent and feel much better after that. Sometimes feeling the feels doesn’t make us feel better at all. So it might not be helpful to listen to that particular song, just for that moment.

Remember the same song can do different things at different times.

Being aware of our music choices and how we feel is an important step to being in more control of our thoughts and feelings, especially when our environment is changing, uncertain and stressful.

Don’t just sit around, play an instrument

Maybe you’ve always wanted to play the guitar or keyboard. Being stuck indoors might be a really good time to learn to play the instrument of your dreams. There are so many great video clips on YouTube that can help inspire and get you started. By the way, the ukulele is really good fun and definitely easy to learn.

There are also some fantastic apps for the digitally adventurous, some examples are Drum Pad Machine, Cove, iKaossilator, Loop. Caution: these are highly addictive.

Music takes me to another place.

Can you think of songs to put in a playlist to take you to a summer day on the beach, or on a long car trip? What other activity or place can you think of? I know some young people have created dance playlists where they enjoy both listening and dancing to, in their room, or with friends whilst on a FaceTime hangout.

By the way, for those of you who enjoy a good sing – how about a playlist of favourites here. You might not be able to sing in the car at this time, but you certainly can do so in the shower or in your room. Here’s a fun fact about singing: singing gives us a natural high because it releases our body’s natural feel good chemicals. It also involves deep breathing where we take in more oxygen, stretch and exercise our lungs and vocal chords and in turn helps to calm us down.

Do share your playlists and check out what others have done as well.

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