Intro to Mindfulness Course

    |    Updated: 12th March, 2021    |    2 min read

Learn simple mindfulness strategies for managing stress and boosting your wellbeing with This Way Up’s practical and free online course.

Sometimes life can feel very busy. When there are a lot of things going on, it is normal to feel like you’re going through your days on auto-pilot, which can make it hard to concentrate and participate fully in what you’re doing. Without consciously making time to pause, notice, and engage with what’s meaningful and important to you, it can be hard to experience feelings or pleasure and joy which are important to our mental health.

Fortunately, learning and practicing mindfulness skills can help you feel more focused and at ease, and has been shown to help people experience greater levels of happiness and wellbeing. This course will teach you foundational mindfulness skills to help you manage normal life stresses and improve the way you feel.

About the Intro to Mindfulness Course

This 4-lesson course is designed to introduce you to the principles, practices, and techniques of mindfulness and how to use mindfulness strategies to tackle stress and improve your general levels of wellbeing. It may be especially helpful to you if you are new to mindfulness and would like to learn simple ways of using mindfulness strategies in your daily life.

This course may be suitable for you if:

  • You tend to feel constantly busy, scattered, and rushed throughout your day
  • You often catch yourself doing things on “auto-pilot” without paying attention
  • You tend to be forgetful and find it hard to relax or feel at ease
  • You seem to be stuck in the way you feel and would love to learn how to get out of this cycle
  • You are ready and willing to learn new skills to change the way you feel

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