NUDES: What if I get hassled for photos I don’t want to send?

11th July, 2017    |    By  Project Rockit    |     2.9k

In Episode 7 of PROJECT ROCKIT TV, we get nude. Well sort of. The reality is, it’s not cool to pressure somebody to send private photos if they don’t want to, and in some situations it’s actually illegal. But what can you do if it’s happens to you? Here are the three discussion questions for this ep:

1. Here’s your chance to come up with some curveballs that you or a friend could send if experiencing unwanted pressure to send private pics. What curveballs have you got up your sleeve?
2. It’s obviously not ok to pressure people to do things they don’t want to do… What are some of the reasons why somebody might find it difficult to say ‘no’, even though they want to?
3. If someone wanted to seek help from the authorities how could they go about it?

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