NUDES: How can I support someone whose photo was leaked?

14th September, 2017    |    By  Project Rockit    |     3.3k

Episode 10 is the second in our two-part take on NUDES. Last time, we looked at how to shut down unwanted pressure to send private photos, this time Caitlin and Archie look at how to support someone whose private photo gets leaked. 1. Aside from risking a criminal record, what are the important reasons why people who receive nudes should keep them private? 2. Do you know the laws around sharing nudes? Check them out – do you think they’re effective and fair? How could they be improved? 3. Sometimes when private photos are leaked, blame is unfairly placed on the person IN the photo rather that on the person who actually leaked it. How do you think we could create supportive cultures for those whose privacy has been violated?

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