The 'G' word

29th April, 2017   |    By Jess   |    3 min read

I want to talk about something that absolutely drives me up the wall: GOSSIP. One would think that once you have survived the doggy-dog world that is high-school and transitioned into the adult world that gossip would cease to be a problem. How very wrong that statement is.

I do not, and will never, understand how some people think they have the right to intrude on other people’s lives and make judgements on a false basis. If that’s what people wanted then they just go to the closest media outlet and place their life story on a silver platter for the world to see. It seems in the current age that no matter what you do, what you say, or what the true story is, someone will manage to add in a twist the mix and share it round the table. And to be honest, I think it is nothing short of childish.

If you ask me, I think it is time that some of society realises that the personal lives of others is not their individual concern. Unless of course you are in a relationship or related to another, their business is their business. It’s as simple as that. Don’t brew up a storm of unnecessary drama, don’t make life more difficult than it has to be for others and just realise that gossip is an absolute and complete waste of breath. Period.

What about instead…

How about instead of bickering about what everyone else is supposedly doing in their life, you concentrate on your own life and your own aspirations. At the end of the day focusing on yourself is going to get you further than spending your time speaking badly of others. Sounds like common sense, I know, but I think sometimes people become easily caught up on false perceptions of people and gossip becomes an outlet for them: like word vomit. In reality if they were being spoken about similarly, they wouldn’t be feeling on top of the world, would they?

Gossip can diminish people’s confidence, charisma and can even push people to harm themselves, so why see it as a form of entertainment for yourself? It is simply ridiculous. When it comes down to it, I am pretty positive that people are aware of what they have and haven’t done in their lives, and they don’t need you to make accusations.

You want my advice? The next time you hear something about a friend, a co-worker or even an acquaintance- instead of spreading the world like wildfire, check the facts; or better yet ask the actual person about it rather than getting involved in a misconceived game of Chinese whispers. Chances are they will tell you the honest truth and it save a heck of a lot of miscommunication, making life easier and more pleasant for everyone. Now that sounds better, don’t you think?


Jess is a 20 year old freelance writer living in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With a severe case of the travel bug, Jess loves to document and share her interactions with the World as she experiences them. She has a passion for the arts and always believes that something beautiful is on the horizon.

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