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29th April, 2017   |    By Anonymous   |    5 min read

It is inevitable to know that people come and go in life. Some people enter our lives for good, and others enter our lives for a short time and will leave thereafter for any number of reasons. But regardless of there being both permanent and temporary people in our lives at any given point, there are learning lessons that revolve back and forward just as people do.

There comes a point in time when you decide that some people in your life are no longer who you thought they were. Whether it be a certain event that has revealed their true colours, or just a course of nature, you discover that rather than be a valued friend they reveal themselves as someone who feeds off of drama and negativity, creating unnecessary pessimism in your life . Personally, I think maturity plays a major part in making the decision to detach yourself from an unhealthy relationship or friendship and remove the toxic people are in your life.

For me, moving to the other side of the globe has helped me decide who I value most and has naturally assisted me in weeding out any problematic people in life. When you become separated from the conformity of your home life, your head is cleared and you finally discover the people that are worth making an effort for, and the people who are only interested in the idea of you as a friend. There are people who have kept in contact with me, reassuring me that they value the friendship we share. Then there are people who have barely contacted me, unless of course they need something from me or want to snoop into my private life, thinking they have a right to my personal business, and that angers me. Why should you continue to pour time into those who are not willing to give time back to you? It confuses me as to why others think it is necessary to broadcast their passions and achievements to the whole world, rather than treasure their accomplishments and make the people you choose to share your experiences and journeys with those that you TRULY appreciate in life. Those are the ones who know exactly what to say and when to say it, and are there for you even when you don’t know you need the comfort. And those bonds are the real prize in life.

Coming home…

As I am getting close to returning it home, it has dawned upon me that nearly half a year ago I was preparing to say goodbye to my friends and loved ones back in Australia. This time was very bitter sweet for me, as I was excited for the adventures that awaited, but yet hesitant to be leaving behind such wonderful people and a beautiful home life. And now as my time in the States is coming to a close I find myself in the exact same situation. I have a heavy heart but have butterflies of excitement all at the same time. I feel like a human melting pot, as there are so many emotions and feelings getting mixed up like a painting pallet that belongs to a kindergartener.

Here in the States there have been people who have seemed lovely upon first impression, but have turned out to be fake and pointlessly nasty for the sake of stirring the pot (I am sure we all know a few of those in our lives). Then there are the people that I treasure beyond words, and am happy to call my family away from home. It is a remarkable sensation to leave Australia not knowing a single person at your destination, and now that it is time to return you feel like you are leaving a whole new family behind. It almost seems unfair how your heart can be split between two different places. The friends I have made come from all corners of the globe: they come from different lives and different countires, and yet we have bonded so well and become so close that you begin to panic when you realise in a few days you will be saying goodbye, unaware of when you will see them again. Being so far away from home makes people come together in the best of ways, and we have all been there for each other through the holidays, the good times and the bad times, and these friends have been there for me even when I wasn’t even exactly sure of why I was feeling blue. And that is the beauty of true friends: they are your guardian angels in disguise. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but we are reassured by the fact that it is not goodbye forever, just goodbye for now.

If you are still reading this, and I like to think a lot of you are, I urge you to detox the destructive people in your life and begin pouring your love into those who make it worthwhile. Comfort those people who are in need of guidance, but do not waste time of those who do not comfort you back when you could be spending precious time with the most amazing individuals.

Most people in life come and go like the seasons. BUT some people are like a pot of gold you find at the end of a rainbow: you are lucky to have them by your side.

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