The science of sad music - why do we crave it so much

2nd June, 2021   |    By Mostly Mad Music   |    1 min read

The Mozart Effect: A Mostly Mad Music Podcast – In this episode. Esther, Mostly Mad Music Founder, interviews Dr Sandra Garrido PhD, MARCS Institute, UWSYD
It is a great listen so tune in….


Dr Sandra Garrido is a pianist, violinist, researcher and writer of Why Are We Attracted to Sad Music?

Dr Garrido says melancholic music impacts people differently, depending on their mental health. “Evidence suggests that people with tendencies to clinical depression respond to music differently at a cognitive level,” she said.

“Those with depression usually have the same motivations for listening to sad music as other people, so they think that they’re benefitting from it in the same way, and often don’t realise that it’s not working in their case.”

The MARCS Institute for Brain Behaviour and Development at University of Western Sydney is developing an app called Moody Tunes to help young people understand how music and mood work together.

Learn more about the MARCS Institute and Moody Tunes here:

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