Youth yarn about... when is the best time to have sex?

8th January, 2021    |    By  Young Deadly Free    |     564

Youth yarn about… is a video series for youth with the voices of youth.

The decision to have sex or not is very personal. Everyone will have different things that influence their decision.

These questions may help you to think about it but you may also have other questions to ask yourself of your friends as well.

1. Am I the legal age to have sex in my state? (16 in all states except SA and TAS where the age of consent is 17)

2. Do I have all the information I need to make a decision? (eg do I know how to protect myself from STIs? Do I know how to stop a pregnancy from happening? do I know about STIs, BBVs and Pregnancy)

3. Do I have a safe environment? (Am I in a safe place? Can I make a decision eg I am not drunk or high? Am I planning to have sex with someone who respects me and makes me feel safe? Will the person respect my decision if I change my mind? Do I feel pressured or am I free to decide?)

4. Am I ready to deal with any of the possible outcomes of my decision? (Would I feel okay about getting an STI check? Would I know what to do if I/my partner feel pregnant?

5. Does my decision fit with my cultural or religious beliefs?

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