Being myself vs expectations after coming out | Out-Spoken series

20th February, 2023    |    By  headspace    |     230

Introducing Out-Spoken! Our latest video series talking about sexuality, gender identity and everything in between with young Australians in the LGBTIQA+ community.

In episode 2, Leo, Zoe, Winona and Grace discuss how they have learned to stay true to themselves, while managing others’ (and their own) expectations of how to dress or act as members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

Want to hear more of the conversations? Visit where you can also find ways to support your mental health and wellbeing, including group chats with young people in the community, accessing free online support from a headspace clinician or reading some of our helpful resources.

Disclaimer The young people you see in these videos are passionate advocates for youth mental health and the LGBTIQA+ community. headspace celebrates the diversity within and across LGBTIQA+ communities. headspace acknowledges these videos represent a subset of both diversity and intersectional identities. There is a wide range of terms and language related to bodies, gender, sexual orientation, sexual attraction, sexual behaviour, and legal and medical processes, and this language is constantly evolving. You may find some of the words in these videos useful to explore your identity, however you may not relate to some of the terms, or you may relate to a term for a period of time, all of this exploration is part of your experience and is valid.

Just a reminder the views and experiences of these young people in these videos are their own and may not reflect your experiences.

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