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I respect others.
Respect works both ways and if you want respect you have to give it as well. It’s ok to be different and it’s okay to be yourself online. But expressing hate, racism, sexism and violence online is not okay and can harm others.


  • Keep disrespectful contacts and content out of your feed. Learn to use social media features such as hiding, filtering, blocking and reporting to help you control what you see.
  • Ask for any disrespectful or embarrassing information about you to be taken down. If it doesn’t happen, report it to the website administrator.
  • If your issue involves cyberbullying, harassment or online crimes like ID theft or hacking, take immediate action. Block the sender and keep records of posts or conversations. Notify the police if there are physical threats.
  • If you are being seriously cyberbullied and you have reported it to the social media service, you can also contact eSafety for support and help.
  • If someone is disrespecting you and you aren’t sure what to do, talk to a friend or trusted adult about the issue and your feelings. They might be able to offer different perspectives or advice on how to handle the problem.
  • The Australian Human Rights Commission can investigate and resolve complaints of discrimination, harassment and bullying based on a range of things like a person’s sex, disability, race, age, sexual preference and religion. Other places you can also find information and support are: Islamicare and Online Hate Prevention Institute.
  • Seek professional help. You can contact Kids Helpline (for ages 5 to 25 years) for confidential support 24/7 — they can help you figure out how to solve your problems your way.This page is part of the Young and eSafe classroom resource.For lesson plans and other information go to Young and eSafe: about this resource


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