The power to act positively

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Take responsibility for the way you present yourself online. That means knowing your rights and what is expected of you, staying within the law, thinking about the impact of your online actions and standing up for others.

  • If you are getting harassed or trolled, block and report the user to either the website administrator or social media provider. Find out how in our eSafety Guide. And talk to a trusted adult if you need help.
  • If you think you might have done something wrong and you are not sure what to do, you can seek advice from Youth Law Australia.
  • If someone sends you a link to material or you see something online you think might be illegal, you may be able to report it. If you see someone cyberbullying another young person, take action.
  • If someone seems really down or you are concerned about their behaviour, you don’t have to manage it yourself. Encourage them to talk to a parent, trusted adult or Kids Helpline. You can report other users of games, apps and social networking sites if they are harassing people or being aggressive. Info can be found in our eSafety Guide.
  • If you are feeling upset or worried, or just need to talk to someoneKids Helpline (for ages 5 to 25 years) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.This page is part of the Young and eSafe classroom resource.

    For lesson plans and other information go to Young and eSafe: about this resource

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