Mind & Money pt 1: low cost mental health support, difficult money conversations + budgeting tips

9th February, 2024    |    By  headspace    |     54

Finding the rising cost of living tough on your mental health? Between keeping up with rent, paying bills, all while balancing your work, study and a social life, sometimes it can all be a bit much. Check out our two part series Mind & Money, where David and Hamish sit down for a Q&A with a headspace mental health clinician and headspace work and study specialist to unpack how young people can navigate the rising cost of living. In part 1, we chat about how you can look after your mental health, tips for communicating your financial boundaries with friends and family and tips to help manage money stress. Check out part 2 where we continue the conversation about balancing casual work and studying, making career decisions, moving out of home and renting, plus services you can turn to for support:    • Mind & Money pt 2: working while stud…  . Want more tips or ways to access free mental health support? Head over to the headspace website https://bit.ly/3Hd1zpz

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