Where is the line between bullying and banter?

28th July, 2023    |    By  Project Rockit    |     172

Bantering with your mates is super fun, until it crosses the line. But where is this line between friendly digs and occasionally pointed banter between mates, and intentionally hurtful comments that tear you down? And in the messy and complex online world that leaves so many things open to interpretation, how do you tell the difference? That’s why we created In Real Life (IRL), our 100% youth-created series that’s reimagining online issues through the eyes of young people. In this episode of #IRL, Michael & Reanna discuss how to understand the nuance of online banter and jokes. To watch the full video and learn more about In Real Life, head to [https://bit.ly/3DqLGdB] 🚀

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