Grace Tame on how sexual assault survivors can share their story with people they trust

9th November, 2021    |    By  Reach out Australia    |     275

If you’ve been sexually assaulted, and you haven’t told anyone about what happened, you’re probably feeling pretty isolated. It’s not easy opening up to people around you, and you could even be worried about what they’ll say, think, and do after you tell them. That’s why we made this video with the help of Grace Tame, 2021 Australian of the Year.

While her abuse was occurring, Grace felt alone. Eventually, she opened up to another teacher at her school, who said he believed her without hesitation.

“It was a pivotal moment of validation, acceptance, implicit belief,” she said, “and it was the catalyst that allowed me to move forward to the next step because I had solidarity. I had at least one other person in my corner to enable me to move forward.”

But something Grace also makes clear is that sharing your story is something that needs to happen on your terms. It should only happen when you feel comfortable and safe doing it. For more articles and videos about how survivors can heal and recover, go to

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