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This is a poem I wrote during a time when I was being severely bullied by a particular girl in my grade. Writing my thoughts and feelings down, particularly poetry, helps me deal with emotional struggles. This is a strategy that has helped many people.


The words you say, the words I hear,
So sharp I can’t get near.

Quick thinking, quick tongue.
You think it’s joking, you think it’s fun.

The glares, the taunts, the exclusion.
Want to escape, run from seclusion.

No escape. No hope.
Can’t run. Can’t cope.

Every day the same,
You think it’s just a game.

Controlling everyone with your manipulation
Causing me so much frustration.

Does anyone see what she’s doing to me?
My mind caving in. Why? Why does no one see?

I look for help, my friend is there,
He tells me to smile and not to care.

He tells me to look forward, never back
I try so hard, for him, to do that.

I appreciate him lying,
Will he see me crying?

It’s my turn to lie and ‘smile’ and cheat.
But tomorrow someone will click rewind and repeat.

The words you say, the words I hear,
So sharp, I can’t get near.


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