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26th April, 2017   |    By Gabriella   |    4 min read

This is the story of my very close friend Kim. It was around Christmas holidays last year when i was staying at Kim’s house for a couple of weeks, she began to get quite sick vomiting and having headaches almost everyday for an unknown reason, she told me in confidentiality a few weeks earlier that she had slept with her boyfriend Leon and actually had missed her period. She didn’t think much of it because she had very irregular periods anyway, after I left her sister took her to the hospital because of how sick she was, where they performed some tests and told her she was pregnant.

I was one of the first to know about it and wanted me to come over to her place; to my surprise whilst I was there, she just came straight out and told her parents. Her mum just stood up and gave her a big hug with her dad softly saying “You should have been more careful honey!”.

Her parents where really supportive and helped her tell Leon the news to where he just walked out on them. But she knew she always had her family and true friends always by her side. She continued to go to school and started the new year at 5 months pregnant. A girl who was supposed to be Kim’s friend totally ran off with the news and told everyone twisting the story bit by bit. The rumours spread around the school, luckily at 5 months it wasn’t to visible to see if it was true or not. Me and another girl Isla always supported Kim and tried to clean up all the rumours behind everything.

I was lucky enough to be able to come to Kim’s first ultrasound, where she found out she was going to having 2 little girls. She was having twins and everyone was so excited! I even got to help make the babies room in all pink’s we had finished it by around the 7 months mark.

When Kim was around about at 8 months Leon cam back to her and apologised for how he reacted to it and how stupid he was for reacting like that! He said he had a good long think about how he could be a good dad if Kim let him, she eventually took him back. Everything was going fine she kept healthy and fit, at 8 months her water brooke at her home she called to her sister and rang her parents straight away! Of course I was also a first to know she was going into labour.

When I got to the hospital around an hour later the twins were already out! They were named Samantha and Charlotte. Kim told me how she couldn’t even get an epidural because when she got there she was already 8cm dilated, she had to go through immense pain delivering those two but she says it was totally worth it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The twins are now both 5 months old and are the cutest things ever. Kim actually started a STEPS (Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies) and plans to go on to study at Uni to become a nurse. I think because if the support and help she got from everyone, it became much easier for her than what maybe some other teen mothers have gone through.

Even though she’s my best friend she has been a real inspiration. She has shown that even being a young mother you can still go on with your life and make the best of it! I hope this story can aspire other young teen mothers and help them get through the pregnancy but even other teenagers who might be getting bullied or involved in drugs or alcohol and think maybe because people know, this life be any good and sit and wait for something to happen but go out and still do something and be there for yourself

[name changed to protect privacy]

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