Risk or recklessness?

21st April, 2017   |    By Jess   |    4 min read

In today’s blog our Youth Blogger Jess gives us an opinion piece about taking risks where alcohol and other drugs are concerned.

It’s one thing to take chances. But when does risk end, and recklessness begin? Teenage years are the years before responsibility and reality begins. They are the years before you start providing for your own living, before you start a family or serious relationship, before the bills begin rolling in and before your career starts to lead you on the unknown path called life. You only get to be a teenager once so make the most of it. We will all rebel and take a chance at one stage but the important thing is to know when enough is enough and not let your life get out of control.

Underage drinking is a major component of today’s society that can cause not only health issues, but can land you in uncomfortable situations as a consequence of taking that risk. Teenage drinking is known to be contributing factors to death, rape, and teenage pregnancy, as well as risk taking behaviours such as drink driving and dangerous stunt attempts.

Check out the video below which allows you to choose a ride by selecting to follow different characters on a night out.

Underage drinking can cause many health issues such alcohol poisoning, liver failure and alcohol addiction. In just a 10 years period an estimated 32,696 Australians 15 years and older died from alcohol- attributable injury and disease caused by risky/high risk drinking. How many friends do you surround yourself with everyday in life? Ten, twenty, thirty? Now, ask yourself this. How many of those friends would you like to stick around and remain friends forever? I bet you answered every single one of them. So please, be sensible. It is okay to have fun and enjoy being a teen, but when things get out of control and you try and grow up too fast, just stop for a minute and breathe. Look around, check your surroundings and look out for your friends. Never encourage dangerous stunts or drink driving, and certainly never enter a car with someone who isn’t driving licensed and sober.

This video asks a group of young people To Drink or Not to Drink?

Drugs are another big issue that can ruin or take over the life of a curious young adolescent. Not only are drugs illegal, but they are extremely dangerous as they alter the way the body acts and thinks. They cause hallucinations, breathing problems, anger and bursts of violence, dizziness, nausea, fainting, also lack of vision and other senses.

To me there is nothing good about drugs but teenagers tend to turn to drugs because they believe it is the answer to their problems. But can’t drugs cause more problems and more issues, that are harder to get rid of than most other issues that can affect your lifestyle?

Don’t give into peer pressure and start drug abuse, all it does is cause stress, health issues and mental issues, leads to addiction and ruins the life you have built. Every time you take drugs you could be pushing away your family, friends, career and future. Don’t take that risk and end up alone or even killed just for a buzz or adrenaline rush.

It’s one thing to take chances. But when does risk end, and recklessness begin? Drug and alcohol abuse is not to be treated lightly. Look around at the friends and family you have that support you, love you and care about you. Now imagine all that gone. Taken away from you in a split second. The picture seems empty; there are people missing, empty spaces, no more smiling faces. Please, think twice about your actions and their consequences. Think about the people around you think about your future. Think about the wonderful things you have in life and think of all the good things to come.

So the next time you are about to get in a car full of drunks, or accept the offer of a substance, think again. Have the courage to say no. Because in the end, you will be the one with the brighter, better and more sustainable future. A future that will last for life.



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