Moving to a new school is scary enough, but that isn't my only challenge

15th January, 2021   |    By Anonymous   |    2 min read

Heywire winner, Tanny from Cloncurry, Queensland shares her story

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I love playing touch footy and, if I can say, I’m pretty good at it!

Our team is called The Knights and I play on the wing — I’m sneaky-fast.

We have won the finals three years in a row.

Go Knights, GO!

I have cerebral palsy which affects the left side of my body because of brain damage that I suffered at birth.

Even though medication controls my epilepsy I still can’t be near flashing lights and certain smells, tastes and sounds.

But I make art to help relax my mind. It makes me calm and joyful.

I’m a Kamilaroi girl and I like to use paint and charcoal to create Aboriginal dot paintings.

It makes me feel connected to my culture.

It’s pretty noisy in my house.

I live with my Aunty Erin, Uncle Malcolm and my three foster brothers; Zac, who is the youngest and loudest, Corey, who is the quietest, and Cody, who is sports-mad.

Cody and Aunty Erin are on my touch footy team!

It might be noisy, but it’s fun and I feel safe.

My aunt and uncle inspire me because they support me in everything I do.

They always want me to achieve my best, despite the challenges I face.

When I first started at Cloncurry State School four years ago I didn’t know anyone. I was so shy.

Now I have friends who care about me and watch over me.

I hang out with my friends; Jamie, Taylor and Tamika. We love to sit and chat under the tree at school.

I really want to pursue art as a career, like my older brother Rashonn.

He goes to university in Toowoomba and it brings me joy to see him achieve his dreams of making art, despite the challenges he’s faced.

It inspires me to open my eyes and try to achieve my personal best in everything I do, because even though I have a disability it won’t stop me doing the things I love.

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