An Impaled Memory of a Night Out

21st April, 2017   |    By J   |    4 min read

Everybody loves to have the occasional big night, for sure fun is the name of the game, but what about when you get to the point of wasted, find yourself drunk as ten men and feeling no pain. That is until you try to hop over a gate, slip and find yourself impaled on a fence unable to get down, all alone with no one to find you. This is what happened to my darling boyfriend the Wednesday night before Easter Sunday.

He had gone to a few uni barrels during the afternoon and then came back to ours for a few pre drinks with his friends. By 9 in the evening he left for town, I was staying home to get a good nights rest before work the next day. Little did I know this would not be the case.

He called me around eleven asking me if I could pick him up from town. He said he was just leaving one of the collages and would meet me on Regent street. He was on speakerphone and the phone was in my lap as I drove to get him. He asked me to hold on for a minute. After a little while of being on hold I hear him screaming. He was screaming so loud and in such a way I thought that I was hearing him be murdered. I was never so scared in my entire life. Moments later the phone cut out and no matter how many times I called him there was no answer.

I drove all around town and up and down Regent Street where he said he would be looking for him. I called a friend who had been out with him and she said she didn’t’ know where he was but she was sure everything was fine and to not worry. She called his friends for me in the mean time while I drove around panic stricken.

I was just about to call 000 when one of his mates rang. I was told that he was fine but to meet them at the emergency room. They told me to calm down and that he had just hurt his leg and needed a couple of stitches. I was ready to berate him when I got there for scaring the crap out of me over a little cut that may require only a stitch or two. But when I arrived I realized that his screams were actually very warranted.

There was a puncture wound the size of an oreo cookie on the back of his upper thigh. The doctors said it was so deep that when they put their fingers in it they could not even feel the end of it! He stayed in the hospital from Wednesday night till Saturday afternoon; it was quite an ordeal.

As you read this you are probably thinking it was quite bit of bad luck. However, he was extremely lucky. Firstly because his mates just happened to be driving past in a car and found him impaled and hanging off a fence, and secondly because he was not very far from cutting the femoral artery.

My boyfriend has decided to have a bit of a dry spell now for the next several weeks.

I think as awful as this story is it is a good example of how everything can change in just one moment and a good example of the risks we take when we drink even if we are not behind the wheel. Even guys should try not to be alone and stray off from the group just in case something happens and you need help.

I do have pics but quite gross, so you have been spared!

What are your tips for having a good night from start to finish?


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