I'll drink to that. Or will I?

21st April, 2017   |    By Jess   |    4 min read

Alcohol consumption has become quite a prominent part of Australian culture over many decades. I can remember being so close to 18 and being so excited to be able to have my first ‘’legal drink’’ and go out to pubs and clubs. Anyone else know that feeling? But now that I am older and over that feeling of finally being able to do something I wasn’t prior allowed to, I have really come to realise how much people let alcohol control their lives.

It seems that a lot of people look for any excuse to drink nowadays. I understand that drinking can be a big part of celebratory events, but lately it seems that every time I catch up with someone or go for dinner, or even just for a birthday everyone is trying to turn it into a big bender. And personally, it concerns me as it is quite an unhealthy behaviour. I mean, you may be sitting here reading this and thinking that I am a prude or don’t know what I am talking about- but I can tell you that I have definitely been through that party stage. I used to go out drinking every weekend and dance at nightclubs and spend money on drinks, but my body hated it. And most of the time I just ended up acting stupidly in front of my mates and being embarrassed the next day.

Now that I have matured a bit and stopped being a bit of a party animal, I can tell you I feel a million times better, and not only does my body like it- so does my bank account! You would be amazed at how much you can fit into a weekend without spending half the day recovering from the night before. And how much extra money you can save when you don’t go out and spend it on drinks. Think of it this way, if you go out and spend $100 on a night out, you could still find something fun to do without blowing the cash and that could be $100 right into a travel fund. You have no idea how much you will appreciate money once you see a part of the world and know what type of experiences travel can bring you.

I am not saying it is a bad thing to have a couple of drinks and a fun night out. I am just trying to pass on some wisdom I have learnt and give an example of where money can be better spent. If you are going to go out and drink do it responsibly. Have a few drinks, have a good boogy and take care of the mates around you. Don’t get blind drunk before going out as you are putting yourself in danger. The best thing you can do is know your limits, know how you are getting to and from places (don’t drink and drive- EVER) and don’t just drink for the sake of drinking. It’s your life and your choices, but don’t make a choice you will regret later.


For those keen to make a change and aim for some hangover free weekends – check out the movement where 10o0′s of people are taking a break from alcohol and loving the changes that happen for them.

Jess is a 20 year old freelance writer living in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With a severe case of the travel bug, Jess loves to document and share her interactions with the World as she experiences them. She has a passion for the arts and always believes that something beautiful is on the horizon.

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