The great job juggle

24th April, 2017   |    By Jess   |    3 min read

Having a part time job is a great thing. No matter where you work you can earn some extra dollars to pay for living expenses, or maybe just use your income to support a hobby or your shop-a-holic syndrome, whilst working as a team and extended your social and professional network. I, myself, have three jobs. I work at Uni as an ambassador, I work for Coles and I also work part-time for a promotion and advertising agency.

Now for my living situation it is necessary that I work as much as I can to pay for necessities such as rent, food, fuel and university expenses, as well as have some left over cash to go out with friends and enjoy a bit of retail therapy. But two weeks ago I found myself sitting in bed, fluey and exhausted, and that’s when I told myself I needed to find a healthy balance between work, uni and social time, so that I didn’t run myself into the ground at the end of every month. So here is what I did- and I encourage you to try this if you are finding yourself in the same situation as I was!

Firstly I sat down and revised my uni timetable. I had classes for uni on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and I was currently working Tuesday mornings. I was putting too much pressure on myself. So I had a chat to my employer and decided not to work Tuesdays, and leave myself to focus on study and classes for those three days- no exceptions! That was step one, and I already felt more relaxed knowing I didn’t have to rush from work to uni and begin the day flustered. Phew!

Secondly, I got out my current work roster and asked myself what I could change. I was working Wednesdays, Fridays and both weekend days, so there wasn’t much time for some downtime in between all that! So I rearranged, chatted to my boss and arranged to have Fridays off, and finish at lunchtime on Sundays. Now that sounds better doesn’t it! One day off and an early finish on Sundays to hang out with friends, family or even head down to the beach. Bliss!

Even though I have only been trying this new schedule for two weeks I feel refreshed, more focus and centred on my studies, I have more time for myself and I am still keeping up with my financial demands.

I strongly recommend anyone who was as flat out as I was to step back, look at your schedule and see if there are any changes you can make to better your situation- believe me you will feel 150% better than you currently are. It is vital to find a healthy balance between your work, study and social life and think about the sacrifices you are making.

Yes you may have money, but do you hang out with friends? Or, you work heaps but are your grades suffering? Sometimes you have to slow down for a minute and reassess your life from a different perspective. If you are taking on too much it is okay to tell yourself that and it is okay to cut back to better your health.

So good luck to all of you and I wish you all happiness and health as we enter the second half on 2013!


What about you – how do you find the balance in life?


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