Day of the donor

30th April, 2017   |    By Matt   |    2 min read

It’s about 6:30pm on a Wednesday night, and I’m sitting on a chair, watching TV… oh yeah, and there’s a dirty big needle sticking out of my arm.

It’s actually been a while since this has happened. I’d had some issues with it in the past, and as a result it had been 18 months or so since I’d last been.

For those of you who haven’t guessed yet, I’m down at the local Blood Bank. They need blood, I’ve got plenty, so it’s a good arrangement for all.

Across the room from me is a woman who is donating for the first time. She’s a little excited. Actually, she’s a bit hyper. I can’t help but laugh at her while she talks one hundred miles a minute to the nurses.

Knowing what it does and where it goes, I don’t understand why more people don’t donate.

It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t take too long, and most importantly, you get that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you could be saving someone’s life.

It’s about making a difference – and volunteering is a way to do that. For those who may be a little squeamish, there are a lot of other options other than the big needle.

Why not volunteer to do shifts in a school canteen? Help mentor younger kids at school? Teach someone to play guitar, juggle, or even whistle?

So next time you’re at the footy or netball, on the bus on the way to school, or sitting at home, bored of watching TV, try think about what you could be doing. I dare you.

Most times, all it will cost is a little bit of time… and hey, you were looking for something to do anyway, right?

Remember, everyone has their own personal reasons for volunteering.

Some people do it for the recognition. Some people do it because they love what they are doing. Some do it because they are bored.

As for why I do it?

Because someone has to.

And because I can.

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