Heywire winner, Josh – Macksville, NSW

You never really know what a cow is going to do in the ring.

They don’t normally behave. Sometimes they go a bit wild.

Parading cattle in shows is nerve wracking, I’m all tensed up beforehand. Then the ‘oh wow’ when you’re done. It feels really good.

I won Judge’s Choice encouragement award and first in class at my first show ever. I was a bit shocked.

I was born with cerebral palsy.

And I do, I really try hard.

Cerebral palsy affects the left side of my body, the way I walk and my balance. I get injured more than other kids — I’ve had stitches and broken bones.

The thing I remember about childhood is that I always made sure I got straight back up after I fell over.

Interacting with people is the hardest thing — it also takes a lot of effort to speak clearly, especially when I’m tired.

My heart sinks when people ask me to repeat myself. It was hard enough to say it in the first place!

I’ve got some really good friends who know this. If they don’t understand what I said, sometimes they just pretend they did.

People help. Some things are getting harder as I get older — like doing up buttons. So getting ready for shows, one of my team mates or my teacher has to give me a hand.

But my biggest inspiration is my Pop, I am so lucky to have a grandfather like him.

He is my best friend. He teaches me so much every single day … to never give up. We share a special bond, which keeps getting stronger. He is wonderful.

He has spent every day of his life working hard and I will try to live like he does, as much as I can.

I want nothing more than to work in agriculture in the future.

I will never let my disability be an excuse and I will never say, “I can’t”. I will just find another way.